Michael Langenegger
Michael Langenegger
Michael Langenegger, 25, Illustration / Graphic Design / Amatuer Photography, Newcastle - Australia, Malade Apparel.
Some fun typography for a fun project. Will draw for cash.
Apparently I won a special commendation for this work I entered into the NEAP but was too shitfaced to receive it.
Here’s a close-up of a Skull study, 800 x 800, acrylic & aerosol on board.
Front end of the R32 GTR.
Skyline R32 GTR back end for a client. A really fun, different job.
I’m into my second day off the cigarettes, making a decision that is the best for my family and myself. So far so good. No durries, no worries!
Skull studies, 800 x 800. Aerosol & acrylic on board.
Finished product from a while ago for @shy_hi . Sweet screen printing by @aisle6ix
New @grimways stickers with my logo next to the bro @bafcat
Brad. Aerosol & acrylic on board. 2014
Rod. Aerosol and acrylic on board. 2014.