Michael Langenegger
Michael Langenegger
Michael Langenegger, 25, Illustration / Graphic Design / Amatuer Photography, Newcastle - Australia, Malade Apparel.
Fun deck design.
Nuclear Family.
A little bit of fun.
The new studio. 📹
Thanks @mdanischewski for this tidy little pack. Nice work on the zine, and thanks to Australia Post for the perfect stamps. The Urn has returned.
Spread from my zine “Get the worst done first” featuring @claudiacox .Only a couple of copies left.
Stoked to be included in the @stupidkrap red book alongside so much talent. I still have 1 or 2 layer prints left for sale. Thanks @stupidkrap @analogue_digital
Happy birthday to my gold protocol droid pal @paul_gtr . I did this illustration for him.
Illustration for @thelettertellers t-shirt.
Happy new year and stuff. Hope you all had a very silly season. Back at work and busy already. My books are open If you want some illustration, design or mural work done. Peace
The design I did for #hitthebricks artists and crew.
'Get the worst done first' is now for sale on my store. $6 for this stocking stuffer. I'll post things express on Monday to get them to you before the fat man comes.
My debut solo publication. Get the worst done first. 32 pages of B&W photography from the last two years. It’ll be online for sale tomorrow night for those who want a late Christmas gift. I’ll get it to you by the 25th.
Hit The Bricks - Sofles